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Rescue, Rehabilitation and Fostering

When a dog is rescued, care is taken to ensure that it does not transmit fleas, ticks or disease to the other animals at DogCamp. The first step is to bathe the dog using a specialized flea and tick shampoo and to apply flea and tick medication the following day. Until these steps are taken, the dog is kept in isolation, fed and given a warm and comfortable sleeping area.

Following this treatment, the dog is taken to local veterinarian Doctora Chely for blood tests and de-worming. Once test results are received any needed medication is administered. Often the dogs have tick fever and/or anemia, which require medication for up to 21 days.  After the initial course of medication, the dog must rest for a week, then additional blood tests are run to assess whether the first course of medication eliminated the problem.  If not, the dog must receive additional tests and medication.

All vet, food and medication costs are paid through donations.  Each animal's needs are assessed individually, including a feeding schedule, depending on the severity of the dog's injuries and level of malnutrition.  Oftentimes, a rescued dog may have skin problems that require specialized shampoo, and all dogs are sterilized prior to adoption.

Once the animal is considered healthy, the process of socialization begins.  The dog is slowly introduced to the other dogs at DogCamp, as well as the two cats that reside there.  Javier and Magaly help the animal's socialization by working with the dog to teach it how to play, greet new people, share space with other animals, and how to get along with other animals and people.

In addition to Javier and Magaly, animal lovers throughout Boquete volunteer their time to help socialize the dogs, bring needed food and medication, and help foster animals that need to be separated from the other dogs for medical or social reasons.  These volunteers are invaluable and provide much-needed support for the rescue and rehabilitation of these animals.  If you would like to volunteer, CLICK HERE.