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Our Services

Rescue, Rehabilitate and Foster Dogs

When we hear that a dog is being mistreated, is homeless, or needs care beyond what the owner provides, we step in to improve the life of that animal.  All local and national laws are followed when we rescue an animal, and we take care to improve the life of every animal we encounter!  For more details on our process, click HERE.


Doggie Daycare

Every pet lover wants to make sure their canine friend is well cared for when they can't be there.  Javier and Magaly understand this, so they offer doggie day care services at DogCamp so your pet has a second home when you're away for a few hours!  Click HERE to learn more!


Pet Boarding

When you go away, there is no safer or friendlier place to leave your dog than at DogCamp!  Your furry friend will be well cared for, have the opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs, and you can rest assured that your pet will be happy! For more information, click HERE